A Fellow of The Society is selected for outstanding contributions to the sphere of sexual knowledge. Election is by the Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Awards and Fellows Committee. Members may apply on their own initiative, may be invited to apply by the Awards and Fellows Committee, and/or by Members of the Board of Directors.

Nominating Individuals for SSSS Fellow: The SSSS Awards and Fellows Committee welcomes nominations from SSSS Members.

Deadline: April 6, 2020 

Send Nomination Materials to: thesociety@sexscience.org


A member may be named a Fellow on the basis of unusual and outstanding contribution to the scientific study of sex, being defined as formal investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. It should be noted that the existence of relevant publications is not enough – they must report impressive work, have impact upon the work of others, and have been referred appropriately. The type and quality of publications should be equal, for example, to that of a full professor at a research intensive university. Citation of the applicant’s work by others may be an important indicator of the impact of his/her contributions. Accumulation of impact and performance over time must be demonstrated. Conducting and organizing workshops, and offices held in relevant associations or political and legislative activity, are not in themselves evidence of outstanding contribution to the scientific study of sexuality.

  • The nominee must be a Member of The Society for three years preceding the date of the nomination.
  • Fellows are required to have an advanced degree from a recognized college, university, or other higher education institution.
  • Nominees must ordinarily have five years of professional experience in sexual science since the granting of their earned advanced degree and must be actively engaged at the time of their nomination in the advancement of the scientific study of sexuality.

Nomination Guidelines (As modified by the SSSS Board of Directors in November 2008):

  • The Awards and Fellows Committee is committed to avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Hence, Members of the Awards and Fellows Committee and The Society’s Board of Directors are ineligible for consideration for this award during their term of service.
  • All of The Society’s award nominations require the following materials in a single evidence file: the award candidate’s current vita and two letters of support by The Society members. Fellow nominations require at least one of the letters of support be prepared by a current SSSS Fellow.
  • The individual who assumes responsibility for nominating a particular candidate for an award (not the Awards and Fellows Committee) bears responsibility for locating individuals willing to support the nomination and for submitting the complete evidence file for a candidate to the SSSS Office. He/She/They agrees to collect all necessary information and transmit this electronically to the SSSS Office on or before the April 6, 2020 deadline. The Awards and Fellows Committee Chair will not take this role. 
  • The official deadline for complete files (all information needed for the Awards and Fellows Committee to consider a candidate for a potential award or fellow status) is April 6, 2020. The Committee will not consider incomplete files and late nominations following the April 6, 2020 deadline.

Please use email to address any questions & to send nomination materials. Please send to: thesociety@sexscience.org.



Gene G. Abel, M.D. Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Ira L. Reiss, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Rice Allgeier, Ph.D. J. Dennis Fortenberry, Ph.D. Edward Laumann, Ph.D. Bean Robinson, Ph.D.
Peter Anderson, Ph.D. Robert Francoeur, Ph.D Sandra Leiblum, Ph.D. Margaret Rosario, Ph.D.
John Bancroft, M.D. Suzanne Frayser, Ph.D. Roger W. Libby, Ph.D. Raymond Rosen, Ph.D.
David Bimbi, Ph.D. Robert Friar, Ph.D. Harold I. Lief, M.D. Michael Wallace Ross, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Walter Bockting, Ph.D. John Gagnon, Ph.D. Joseph LoPiccolo, Ph.D. Simon Rosser, Ph.D.
Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D. Paul Gebhard, Ph.D. Ilsa Lottes, Ph.D. Stephanie Sanders, Ph.D.
Sandra Byers, Ph.D. Kenneth D. George, Ed.D. Floyd Martinson, Ph.D. Leah Cahan Schaeffer, Ed.D.
Donn Byrne, Ph.D. William George, Ph.D. William Masters, M.D. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.
Joseph Catania, Ph.D. Cynthia Graham, Ph.D. Tom Mazur, Psy.D. Hirsch L. Silverman, Ph.D.
Sandra S. Cole, Ph.D. Edwin J. Haeberle, Ph.D, Ed.D. Naomi McCormick, Ph.D. James Sobrino, Ph.D.
Eli Coleman, Ph.D. Elaine Hatfield, Ph.D. David McWhirter, M.D. William Stayton, Th.D
Clive M. Davis, Ph.D. William E. Hartman, Ph.D. Marta Meana, Ph.D. Donald Strassberg, Ph.D.
John D. DeLamater, Ph.D. Julia Heiman, Ph.D. Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D. Leonore Tiefer, Ph.D.
Edward Dengrove, M.D. Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. M.P.H., C.S.E. Heino Meyer-Bahlburg, Dr.rer.nat Eleanor Maticka -Tyndale, Ph.D.
Aaron Devor, Ph.D. Ed Herold, Ph.D. John Money, Ph.D. Douglas H. Wallace, Ph.D.
Milton Diamond, Ph.D. Preben Hertoft, M.D. Daniel L. Mosher, Ph.D. David Weis, Ph.D.
Anke Ehrhardt, Ph.D. Janet S. Hyde, Ph.D. Charlene Muehlenhard, Ph.D. Connie Christine Wheeler, Ph.D.
Albert Ellis, Ph.D Charles L. Ihlenfeld, M.D. Jeffrey Parsons, Ph.D. Martin Weinberg, Ph.D.
Carol Rinklieb Ellison, Ph.D. Richard Keeling, M.D. Michael Perelman, Ph.D. Beverly Whipple, R.N., Ph.D.
Frank Farley, Ph.D. Patricia Barthalow Koch, Ph.D. Wardell Pomeroy, Ph.D. Colin Williams, Ph.D.
Terri Fisher, Ph.D. Robert C. Kolodny, M.D. Michael Reece, Ph.D. William Yarber, H.S.D.
William Fisher, Ph.D. Osmo Kontula, Ph.D. June M. Reinisch, Ph.D. Michael Young, Ph.D.