This Program is being revised. Requirements, guidelines, and application will be available soon!

The Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexualityhas a Grants-In-Aid Program that provides up to $1,000 (per grant) to support scientific sexuality research in areas not likely to receive support from other sources. The money may be used for either a small project that can be completed with the help of the grant or as part of a larger study to complete the funding provided by other sources.

FSSS especially encourages proposals involving:

  • uniquely timely research opportunities;
  • new investigators;
  • volunteer research teams;
  • actual, not pilot projects.

COMPETITION IS OPEN TO ALL PROFESSIONALS CONDUCTING RESEARCH ON HUMAN SEXUALITY. Grants will not normally be made to students for class projects, thesis or dissertation research. Student Research Grant Awards, funded by FSSS, are already available through SSSS. Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year and we aim for a 30 day turn around. Proposals that are timely or event oriented may be supported at any time, at the discretion of the granting committee.

Funds may be used for any purpose relevant to the conducting of the research. Funds will not normally be provided for travel to conventions, stipends for principal investigators, or manuscript preparation. Grants do not cover indirect costs.