Society Committees


Annual Meeting Program Committee

Eric Buhi Ph.D.  - Co-Chair

Justin Sitron Ph.D.  - Co-Chair


Awards Committee

Bill Yarber Ph.D.– Chair

Cynthia Graham, Ph.D.

Pat Koch, Ph.D.


Continuing Education Committee

Jose Nanin Ph.D. – Co-Chair

Chris White Ph.D. – Co-Chair

Patricia Aletky, Ph.D.

Carey Bayer, Ed.D.

Mark Bigler, M.S.W.

Eric Buhi, Ed.D,

Elizabeth Rae Larson, D.H.S.


Elections Committee

Susan Milstein, Ed.D. - Chair

Jane Fleishman


Exhibits Committee

Christopher Fisher Ph.D. - Chair

Jay Irwin, Ph.D.


Finance and Budget Committee

Carey R. Bayer Ed.D. - Chair

Swagata Banik, Ph.D.

Julia Tomassilli Ph.D.

David Hall, Ph.D.

Jean Levitan Ph.D.


FSSS Liaison Committee

Herb Samuels Ph.D. - Chair


Hugo G. Beigel Research Award Committee

Cynthia Graham Ph.D. – Chair

JSR Editors 


Infrastructure and Strategic Planning Committee

Jean Levitan, Ph.D. – Co-Chair

Konnie McCaffree Ph.D. – Co-Chair


Membership Committee

Michael Kauth Ph.D. – Co-Chair

Kristen Jozkowski Ph.D. – Co-Chair

Janice Epp Ph.D.

Osmo Kontula Ph.D.

Landi Turner Ph.D.

Konnie McCaffree Ph.D.

Bean Robinson Ph.D.

Jean Levitan Ph.D.

Terry Humphreys Ph.D.

Jimmie Manning Ph.D.

Amanda Denes, M.A.


Mentoring Committee

Lester Wright, Ph.D.

Sarah Butler

Lelia Samson


Nominations Committee

Konnie McCaffree Ph.D. - Chair

Michael Reece Ph.D.

Eric Buhi Ph.D.

Janice Epp Ph.D.

Chrsitian Grov, Ph.D.

Zoe Peterson, Ph.D.

Olga Perez-Stable Cox, M.A.

Douglas Braun-Harvey, M.A.M.F.T

Terry Humphreys, Ph.D.

Osmo Kontula, Ph.D.


Personnel Committee

Betsy Crane Ph.D. - Chair

Patti Britton Ph.D.

Bob Friar Ph.D.

Zoe Peterson Ph.D.

Peggy Kleinplatz, Ph.D.


Professional Networking Committee

Jimmie Manning Ph.D.- Chair

Jessica Barnett M.A.

Cynthia Graham Ph.D.

Eli Green M.A.

Susan Milstein Ph.D.

Amy Muise M.S.


Publications Committee

Sandra Byers Ph.D. - Chair

Clive Davis Ph.D.

Terry Humphreys Ph.D.

Ron Moglia Ph.D.

Michael Ross Ph.D.

Erika Pluhar Ph.D.


Sexual Science Newsletter Committee

Christopher Fisher Ph.D. - Chair

Jay Irwin, Ph.D.

Karlene Cunningham

Myeshia Price


Student Award Committee

Raven James, Ph.D. - Chair


Student Involvement Committee

Amanda Denes M.A.

Heather Blunt


Student Research Grants Committee

Peter Anderson Ph.D. - Chair


WSSK Committee

Sandra Davis Ph.D. - Chair

Clive Davis Ph.D.

Pat Koch Ph.D


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