A SSSS Member Benefit

Who can apply? We invite current SSSS members to apply for the SSSS Mentorship Program! All SSSS Members, including students, early/mid-career professionals, and senior leaders in the field are encouraged to apply. We are looking for both mentors and mentees who are interested in building their professional network and creating a productive working relationship with another sex science professional. 

What is a mentor? A mentor provides technical knowledge, assistance, encouragement, empathy and respect to a mentee. They often create a supportive environment that fosters networking/collaboration that develop a mentee's long-term career goals.

What is a mentee? A mentee benefits from the mentor's support, skills, and wisdom, while pursuing the mentee's own career goals.

Matching the mentor & mentee: Mentors will be matched with mentees with similar interests and training. The matching of mentors & mentees will be made around the end of every month. Some matches may take longer, depending on your research, and/or your application request. Once a match is made, you'll receive an email from the Mentorship Committee. 

Non-Members: Would you like to apply for the SSSS Mentorship Program?

Questions? Contact SSSS at

Mentorship Program Application