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Ash Philliber 

Philliber Research & Evaluation  
Englewood, CO

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Englewood, CO
Philliber Research & Evaluation

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Not applicable. I do not run a research lab.


Dr. Ash Philliber (they/them) holds a Ph.D. in Human Services with an emphasis on public service leadership. They started full-time employment at Philliber as a data analyst in 2009 and have been a senior evaluator since 2017. Dr. Philliber has evaluated a wide variety of programs, including those in health, academic achievement, unplanned and teen pregnancy prevention, journalism, and community engagement. Dr. Philliber’s projects include training facilitators, clients, and community members in evaluation and data collection. They also often create databases and train staff on their use.

Dr. Philliber is further skilled at directing large evaluation projects. They have successfully completed a number of randomized control trials supported by the Office of Population Affairs, including the Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health’s replication of the Teen Outreach Program in five Northwest states across more than 80 schools and with over 8,000 participants. In random assignment evaluations, they have been able to maintain follow-up rates above 80%. They regularly prepare reports and meet with clients to discuss results and their implications for best practices. They have experience presenting results to a wide range of audiences, from funders to community members.

Dr. Philliber has been awarded the Douglas Kirby Award for Excellence in Research from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. This award is given for changing the field of evaluation and was awarded for their impact on inclusive research and evaluation. Dr. Philliber participates in frequent refresher trainings whenever possible to update their ability to conduct culturally centered, social justice-based work. Outside of work, they are part of movements to strive for racial justice, gender equality, and LGBTQ inclusivity.

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