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SSSS Awards & Grants

Descriptions, Policies and Selection Processes

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See information on retired awards below.

All Awards & Student Research Grants:
Nomination/application forms are available in January of each year.
The deadline for all award nominations and student research grant applications is March 15 of each year.  

Travel Grant for Early Career Professionals from Marginalized Groups:
The application process starts when selecting the "Travel Grant" option during the abstract submission process. The deadline to submit a travel grant application coincides with the abstract submission deadline.

For specific details on an award or grant, select from the Awards & Grants drop down section above or from the links below.


Over the years SSSS has given several awards that are no longer active. Below are brief descriptions of the awards, along with the recipients.

Janice M. Epp Student Scholarship Award
This award recognized Dr. Janice Epp’s significant contributions to SSSS. Dr. Epp, a prominent clinical sexologist and educator, was renowned as a passionate advocate for students, an inspiring teacher, and a wise mentor. She worked tirelessly to expand opportunities for students to be a viable part of The Society.

2017 – Vivian Ta 
2017 – Bridget Rebek
2016 – Jessica J. Hille 
2015 – Randal Brown 
2015 – Lisa Meyers 
2015 – Veronica Tirado Mercado 
2014 – Shanna Katz Kattari 
2014 – Chelsea Kilimnik 
2014 – Jonathan Reeves 
2013 – Corey Flanders 
2013 – Virginia Lynn Ramseyer Winter   
Kinsey Award
This award was given by the former Mid-Continent Region of SSSS. It acknowledged contributions to the field of sex research, sex therapy, and/or sexology.  

Alfred Kinsey, PhD (posthumously) 
William Masters, MD 
Paul Gebhard, PhD 
Floyd Martinson, PhD 
Joseph LoPiccolo, PhD 
Ira Reiss, PhD
Donald Mosher, PhD 
Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD 
Leonore Tiefer, PhD 
Elizabeth Rice Allgeier, PhD 
Vern L. Bullough, RN, PhD 
Bonnie Bullough, RN, PhD 
John Money, PhD 
Wardell Pomeroy, PhD 
Elaine Hatfield, PhD 
John Henry Jefferies Bancroft, MD 
John Gagnon, PhD 
Eli Coleman, PhD 
John DeLamater, PhD 
Alan Bell, PhD (posthumously) 
Michael Ross, PhD 
Beverly Whipple, PhD 
Martin Weinberg, PhD 
Edward Laumann, PhD 
Julia Heiman, PhD 
Milton Diamond, PhD 
E. Sandra Byers, PhD 
Founders Award

2003 - Albert Ellis, PhD

John Money Award
Presented by the former Eastern Region of SSSS. 

2011 - Eli Coleman 
2010 - Jeff Parsons 
2009 - Mark Padilla 
2008 - Theo Sandfoot 
2005 - Vern Bullough 
2004 - Charlene Muehlenhard 

Mattison and McWhirter Student Paper & Presentation Award

2012 Presentation Winner — Suzan Doornwaard, MSc
“Developmental Trajectories of Adolescents Use of Sexually Explicit Material” 

2012 Poster Winner — Megan Forbes, MA
“Other Fish in the The Impact of Sex Ratios on Online Dating Sites” 

David L. Weis Student Paper Presentation Award 

This award was given by the former Mid-Continent Region of SSSS to acknowledge the quality of the presentation made during that meeting.

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